The fresh new otu inyomdi was basically wives of the village

The fresh new otu inyomdi was basically wives of the village

  • It paid problems, intra origin disputes and you may issues anywhere between natal villages and you may towns into the that they have been partnered.
  • They did rites, traditions, and you can sacrifices toward people, such as the finally absolution rites for new brides. At the time concerned, the fresh bride-to-be-to-end up being do acknowledge all the girl completely wrong doings towards the otu umuada who then purify this lady.
  • Brand new otu umuada and performed purification rituals to own lineage homes and you will other areas which were sensed polluted, so that the gods otherwise goddesses won’t leash away its wrath with the individuals, but rather, provide them with a healthy body, bounty and kids.
  • The fresh otu umuada read confessions away from adulterous spouses and you will did purification traditions in their mind.

Its commander, anasi, is actually one particular elder partner in the community. She was the girlfriend who was simply partnered longest in the community. The fresh anasi try the new medium by which the ladies you can expect to voice their inquiries and protect its passion because the wives, mothers, growers, and you can buyers.

  1. It helped descent wives in a situation off stress and you may problems.
  2. It heard and you can obvious punishments inside the times involving husbands exactly who mistreated the spouses.
  3. It ensured that community weight and you can market place was clean.
  4. They generated decisions within planting and you may harvesting away from harvest.
  5. It grabbed proper care of pet that had lost their vegetation.

Occasionally about life of the city, the brand new otu umuada and you will otu inyomdi arrived sugar daddy together with her because the ladies’ system to go over conditions that inspired him or her as the ladies in the new neighborhood.

Many years grades were sets of females of same many years, exactly who appeared together with her to offer bonuses towards ambition and you will time and effort. They performed spiritual, personal and you will political properties for the society; offered education to own teenagers in group lifetime; and you will provided avenues getting socialization and company that happen to be very beneficial and you will integrative affairs in area. Within the Igboland, single origin daughters designed by themselves towards the various ogbo connections. Among them are the new okpo ntu in addition to their responsibilities provided cleaning and you can keeping the village latrines and trash deposits; creating communal labor qualities such as for instance house building and you may associated work; and you will, tossing on their own on the moving teams, and this provided online forums where women you’ll build strong and you can long-term dating with other people on the classification.

She ensured industry taboos were observed, and you can detained wrongdoers and you may introduced her or him till the omu judge

Igbo women you can expect to improve their social status by firmly taking headings. These titles incorporated this new ikenga, inachi and you can inwene. Entitled people was basically accorded loads of regard and people who exhibited management prospective you certainly will have a tendency to hold governmental office.

During the Igboland reputation was attained, maybe not ascribed and you can a great female’s reputation is dependent on her very own triumph, perhaps not that from this lady spouse

This new omu along with her pantry of called women councilors, ilogu, was basically faced with retain the female area of the area. The market industry put are the latest Igbo woman’s website name. It actually was stored most of the five months. New omu and her case oversaw industry and discussed the rules and regulations. New omu along with her case fixed the values out of markets products and you will outlined business bans. It acted while the a court throughout the judging regarding cases and persecuting off wrong doers. The omu appointed an authorities woman called the awo. The awo implemented brand new fixed price statutes about markets. Business taboos integrated, no fighting in the business, hand make shouldn’t to be sold inside the bunches, however, split up first; and you may last but most certainly not least, peppers can be boiled earliest just before offered.

From the precolonial point in time, Western African ladies attained along with her to vocalize its ideas in the affairs one to influenced him or her. These types of fulfilling foundation in addition to offered as help sites that ladies you are going to depend upon so you can right punishment from unpleasant males.